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Aluminum Truck Headache Racks

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No call centres or answering services

Made of Corrosion-Free

Lightweight and strong

Aluminum Truck Racks

All-Aluminum KAB HD Truck Racks are the obvious choice
when looking for a corrosion-free, quality truck rack.

Family-owned and operated

Manufactured in Canada with over 30 years experience using only quality marine grade aluminum and Stainless Steel on all of our products.

No Drilling
when mounting on most trucks

Will mount on most trucks WITHOUT DRILLING! Heavy-duty tie-down location on both sides. No drilling required to add accessories. Unique look and function.

Safely secure loads and protect others around you.

Maintaining rear view and 3rd brake light visibility makes KAB HD Truck Rack the best choice when safety and security are a priority. Our racks are the best choice when safety is a priority. In this way, KAB HD Truck Rack protects more than your rear window.

Lots of options

In addition to the range of models available, you can add brackets for a fire extinguisher, rope/extension cord, shovels, rakes, spotlights, and complete rear racks!

Please follow these links to find the KAB HD Truck Rack that will be perfect for your truck.

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KAB HD Truck Racks

What People
Say About Us

These guys are amazing! They were so quick to respond and let me tell you... they are all knowing!
I highly recommend their racks! They are all about making their clients happy

What People
Say About Us

I have been extremely impressed with KAB HD Truck Racks. It is a pleasure working
highly creative and inovative team.

What People
Say About Us

I love KAB HD Truck Racks. Absolutely amazing results for my truck.
A product obviously developed by
incredible talent!

We're Hands-On
Crafting With Love

Each KAB HD Truck Rack we manufacture comes from a hands-on series of stages. We pay close attention to quality control - ensuring each KAB HD Truck Rack made meets our demanding specifications.

Because all of our products come from one family-owned and operated Canadian location, we put our heart and soul into each and every KAB HD Truck Rack we make. You may rest assured, knowing the quality and refinement is present in every product, and that your KAB HD Truck Rack will stand the test of time.

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A little History

As a long time owner and driver of pick up trucks, I was aware of headache racks, and the tendency for them to corrode, especially here in Canada with our long winters. Because our family has been manufacturing aluminum products for many years, it seemed obvious that we were looking at an untapped market, in bringing corrosion-free, aluminum truck racks to the market. We now make these KAB HD Truck Racks to fit various makes and models of pickups, and without drilling - further reducing any chance of corrosion. Even our accessories may be mounted on our racks without the need for drilling.

It is my hope that you will find what you need here, and if you have any questions, please contact KAB HD Truck Racks and I will respond in a timely manner. Thank you for your support.

Keven Farlinger
Operations Manager

A Perfect Design is Passion, Dedication, and a lot of Coffee

KAB HD Truck Rack TEAM

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